The proliferation of ICC was identified by immunolabeling for Kit

The proliferation of ICC was identified by immunolabeling for Kit and Ki67, while the apoptosis of ICC was detected by TUNEL method. The ultrastructural alterations were reflected by transmission electron microscopy. Results: (1) The gastric emptying was severely delayed in DM group. LEA and HEA significantly promoted the delayed gastric emptying, but LEA induced more obvious effects than HEA. (2) Plentiful proliferated ICC forming bushy networks with only Kit+ cells could be observed in LEA and

HEA group, while Kit+/TUNEL+ cells could hardly be seen in LEA and HEA group. Conclusion: LEA and HEA at ST36 could renovate networks of ICC in the stomach of diabetic rats, resulting an improved gastric emptying. KPT-330 EA may have a check details novel therapeutic option for

diabetic gastroparesis. Key Word(s): 1. EA; 2. ICC; 3. Gastric Emptying; 4. Diabetic Rats; Presenting Author: YAN CHEN Additional Authors: JUANJUAN XU, SHI LIU, XIAOHUA HOU Corresponding Author: SHI LIU Affiliations: Huazhong University of Science and Technology Objective: Defects of interstitial cells of Cajal (ICC) may be an underlying mechanism of gastrointestinal motility disorders in diabetic patients. More evidence suggests that electroacupuncture (EA) at ST36 is an effective method to improve gastric motility, but the mechanism is not completely understood. The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of EA on gastric contraction and the related mechanism in diabetic rats whether ICC was involved. Methods: Male SD rats were randomized into normal control, DM, DM+SEA, DM+LEA and DM+HEA group. EA was performed everyday at certain time for 4 and 8 weeks persistently. Mechanical contraction of gastric antrum longitudinal strips was explored by organ bath technique. Western blot was employed to demonstrate c-kit and M-SCF expression in gastric antrum and the levels of S-SCF in serum were determined by ELISA. The distribution of ICC was further assessed by immunohistochemistry. Aldol condensation Results: (1) In DM group, contractions of gastric antrum longitudinal strips were attenuated in 4 weeks and severely weakened in 8 weeks. Low- and high-frequency

EA promoted the attenuated contractions in 4 and 8 weeks. (2) Western blot analysis suggested that the expression of c-kit was reduced apparently in 8 weeks in DM group, but was obviously upregulated in LEA and HEA group. Whereas the expression of M-SCF in DM group was slightly decreased in 4 weeks and dramatically reduced in 8 weeks, low- and high-frequency EA also markedly increased the expression of M-SCF in 8 weeks. (3) In normal group, abundant ICC distributed in muscular layer and intermuscular layer. In DM group, c-kit positive cells were not obviously altered in 4 weeks but significantly decreased in 8 weeks. However, c-kit+ cell in LEA and HEA group were rich both in muscular and intermuscular layer in 8 weeks.

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