There were positive correlation between

CML levels and SM

There were positive correlation between

CML levels and SMCs specific genes mRNA expression levels. Conclusion: Ultrastructural changes existed in colonic SMCs of diabetic patients, and these changes could be the basis of diabetic colonic motility disorders. There was an increased AGEs levels and smooth muscle cell specific protein expression in diabetic patients’ colonic muscle tissue. Correlation between AGEs and expression of smooth muscle cell specific proteins was positive, which suggested that AGEs may involve in diabetic colonic smooth muscle lesions. Key Word(s): 1. diabetes; 2. smooth muscle cells; 3. AGEs; 4. ultrastructure; Presenting Author: ZHOUJING WU Additional Authors: LINYAO GUANG Corresponding Author: LINYAO GUANG Affiliations: guangxi medical Selleck CHIR 99021 RO4929097 university Objective: Compared the clinical and pathological character-ristics of colorectal cancer (CRC) between the elderly and the non-elderly patients, to improve the awareness and diagnosis and treatment of the elderly CRC. Methods: A total number

of 1343 patients with CRC from June 1, 2009 to May 31, 2012 in our hospital were included in this retrospective study. We extracted data on gender, ethnicity, blood type, duration, length of hospital stay, clinical manifestations, comorbidity, biochemical tests, tumor markers, tumor location, tumor size, histological, depth of invasion, surgical situation. We compared differences between an older group (OG) (age ≥ 60 years) and a young group (YG) (age < 60 years), so as to arrive at the clinical and pathological characteristics of colorectal cancer in the elderly. Results: There 4-Aminobutyrate aminotransferase were 537 cases of OG in 1343 cases of CRC, accounted for 40% (537/1343). Single factor analysis show that OG patients were more proportion of Zhuang patients than YG, more proportion of disease duration less than 3 mouths, more likely to have a longer hospital stay, lower average BMI, less clinical symptoms, more

distant metastasis, more comorbidity, lower preoperative HB and ALB, batter pathologic type. OG patients were less likely than YG patients to receive surgery, and more likely to receive postoperative complications. Conclusion: In comparison with younger patients, elderly CRC patients were with a high incidence, and differences were observed between the groups in clinical symptoms, comorbidity, histological, metastasis, postoperative complications. Key Word(s): 1. colorectal cancer; 2. elderly; 3. young; Presenting Author: XU WEN-DA Additional Authors: CHEN JIANG, LIU XU, LI HONG-YU, GUO XIAO-ZHONG Corresponding Author: GUO XIAO-ZHONG Affiliations: General Hospital of Shenyang Military Area Command Objective: Accidental or intended radiation exposure in a mass casualty setting presents a serious and on-going threat. The development of mitigating and treating agents requires appropriate animal models.

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